Preorder for Lady Mairead

I have been writing a prequel about Lady Mairead. When I jumped in I thought, it will be cool to know what she was like and how she got to be how she is… well, now I know, and it’s been so interesting.  And also fun.

Magnus is in it, so that’s always a perk. Also, Donnan, Lord Delapointe (Boo!), Reyes (Double Boo!) and Hammond. There’s even a new love of her life named Sir Godfrey Kneller (he’s a real painter from the court of William and Mary.)  Here he is in all his hotness.
The preorder is here: Lady Mairead. There’s also a preorder for what’s going to be book 13 of Kaitlyn and the Highlander here: The Guardian: The Kilchurn Years This story will be a branch off the main tree as the group tries to center their lives in the 18th century.

The first of these books is coming in April, the next in August, so I’m writing like crazy over here! 

In case you missed it, book 12, The Wellspring was released mere weeks ago… and the audiobook of book 10, Our Shared Horizon has been released too.and just yesterday the audiobook of book 11, Son and Throne, went live…