I’m Diana Knightley and it’s truly lovely to meet you. 

I write love stories.

I live in Los Angeles where we have a lot of apocalyptic tendencies that we overcome by wishful thinking. Also great beaches. I maintain a lot of people in a small house, too many pets, and a to-do list that is longer than it should be. My kids say I am a cool mom because I try to be kind. I’m married to a guy who is like a water god, he surfs, he paddle boards, he built a boat. I’m a huge fan.

I write about heroes and tragedies and magical whisperings and always forever happily ever afters. I love that scene where the two are desperate to be together but can’t because of war or apocalyptic-stuff or (scientifically sound!) time-jumping and he is begging the universe with a plead in his heart and she is distraught (yet still strong) and somehow, through kisses and steamy more and hope and heaps and piles of true love, they manage to come out on the other side.

I like a man in a kilt, especially if he looks like a Hemsworth, doesn’t matter, Liam or Chris.

My couples so far include Beckett and Luna (from the trilogy, Luna’s Story). Who battle their fear to find each other during an apocalypse of rising waters. And, Magnus and Kaitlyn (from the series Kaitlyn and the Highlander). Who find themselves traveling through time and space to be together.

I write under two pen names, this one here, Diana Knightley, and another one, H. D. Knightley, where I write books for Young Adults. (They are still romantic and fun and sometimes steamy though, because love is grand at any age.)


Diana Knightley