Here comes the Guardian…

It’s been almost three months since I published the prequel story about Lady Mairead and now I’m less than a month away from finishing book 14, The Guardian. The Guardian has a subtitle: A year at Kilchurn Castle. 

So it has some passing of time, but also, Magnus, Kaitlyn, Froach, Hayley, Quentin, Beaty, Zach, Emma, and James are all there together. (Don’t forget the bairn!)

And lest ye think tis all fun and games— 

There is still Sir Padraig to deal with. 

When I first planned this book, way back at the beginning of the year, it had sort of a different bend to it, but once I sat down and started writing it has become a classic, full of madcap adventures and time bending twists and romantic entanglements, plus a new person who I think you’ll love. 

So anyway, right now I’m in big edits, on this page… a tiny glimpse for you.  
Here’s the preorder for book 14 of Kaitlyn and the Highlander here: The Guardian: The Kilchurn YearsAnd in case you missed it, the prequel to this whole story (to be read in the #13 position): Lady Mairead